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  What Software Should I Get?


At The Graphics Fairy, we are often asked...."What software should I get?"

To answer that question properly and match you up with the right program, we need you to think about your goals by asking yourself these questions...

  • Do I really just need to do a few quick things (rotate, resize, add basic text), or am I really looking to design & create?
  • How much time (and desire) do I have to invest in learning a new skill?
  • How good am I with computers and software? Would learning a new program with lots of options intimidate or frustrate me easily? or If I have a few basic concept tutorials, I usually "play around and figure things out"?
  • Do I need a program with lots of features and options for creative expression that I won't outgrow in a few months?
  • Will I be using the program in a work capacity where I require a very specific file input or output? (e.g., need to work with vectors, need to batch edit photos)

In the video below, we talk about common image editing software, their differences and who they are targeted at. We will share our "sweet spot" of programs that most viewers will be using whether they only want to do a few simple edits, or if they want to start flexing their creative muscle. We also share some other programs we are often asked about and why they may or may not be right for you.

Our recommendation for most creatives is usually Photoshop Elements, as it provides lots of creative options and is an industry standard. While the program requires dedication to learn, it is great for beginning image editing creatives, but not as overwhelming as other programs.

You can view the entire discussion via video below. Don't forget you can download the slides discussed in the video right below.